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Learn to Master Bowen Therapy Training in Less than one week!

Bowen Therapy Courses

Together, the Level I and II Bowen Therapy courses comprise of 7 days of accelerated learning, where you will learn to treat the whole body globally, as well as address stubborn conditions locally. Global sequences are sequences designed for a full body effect. We teach these in Level I. Local sequences get more specific for stubborn conditions that may not be completely resolved. In general near 80% of conditions will correct with 2-3 treatments using Level I sequences, while the remaining 20% require more specific work.

This accelerated learning curriculum comprises of a 7 Disc Bowen Therapy home-study DVD program followed by the in class Level I and II courses. Learning Bowen Therapy all in one fell swoop in this manner gives you a tremendous advantage over traditional training methods where you are forced to take 5-7 separate modules over weeks, or sometimes months. Your learning curve is significantly enhanced by immersing yourself in this comprehensive learning format. After taking our Bowen Therapy courses, You will leave feeling super confident that you can address a wide range of conditions with GREAT SUCCESS!

You SAVE $1000.00’s in tuition fee’s over learning Bowen Therapy in traditional learning formats where you are forced to take 5-7 smaller courses dealing with individual areas of the body before learning how it all works together! With our Advanced Bowen Therapy training protocols you can get it all in 7 days total!

We will teach you a technique so powerful that upon completion of Level 1, you

will be able to immediately…

Bring a Deep Balance to the Autonomic Nervous System

Increase Bioenergy

Align the Body Structurally

Induce a Deep Relaxation

Release Whole Body Tension

Increase Focus & Concentration

Improve Sleep Patterns

Heighten Sensory Awareness

Enhance Joint Mobility

Enhance Athletic Performance

What You Will Learn…

  • Where this work came from
  • How it works
  • Why it works as well as it does
  • Why it is possible to use Bowen’s Work with other treatment modalities – YES IT IS TRUE!
  • Sequences to address the whole body


  • A 3-Part Spinal Integration Series (Lumber, Thoracic, Cervical) – essential for whole body balance
  • The Central Core series (Sacrum, Coccyx, Pelvis) – acts as a powerful energizer
  • The Lower Extremity series (Hamstring, Quadriceps, Knees, Ankle releases)
  • An Enhanced Beathing (Respiratory) sequence
  • The Upper Extremity series (Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist releases)
  • Jaw and TMJ releases
  • Sub Occipital release
  • 5 Exercises for Functional Integration
  • 2 Breathing Enhancement Exercises

The almost unlimited list of conditions you will be able to address…

Low back pain, including: joint stiffness, discogenic pain, sciatic pain, functional scoliosis and low back pain from pregnancy.

Thoracic back pain, including: chest pain, subluxed ribs and restricted breathing patterns such as asthma.

Neck pain, including: chronic headaches and migraines, sinusitis, dizziness and whiplash problems.

Sacral and Pelvic pain, including: sacro-iliac dysfunction, pelvic rotational anomalies, leg length discrepancies, groin strains, pubic symphysis and coccyx pain.

Lower Extremity pain, including: hamstring strains, thigh strains, knee joint pain, ankle sprains, compartment syndromes as well as associated swelling, clicking and spasms.

Shoulder pain, including: rotator-cuff problems, impingements, and decreased range of motion.

Upper Extremity pain, including: tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel disorder, pins and needles and neural pain.

Temporal-mandibular joint pain (TMJ), including: clicking, popping, grinding teeth,

Special considerations such as: digestive problems, constipation, visceral pain, balance and proprioception problems, repetitive strain injuries, lymphatic drainage,

In Level II you will learn sequences powerfully designed to take the work deeper into the body, unraveling some of the most stubborn conditions known


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Lumbar Disc Herniation

Rotator Cuff Problems and Frozen Shoulder

Advanced Respiratory to help Asthma and other COPD’s

Advanced Kidney and Liver Procedures

Advanced Pelvis, Sacral and Coccyx procedures and variations.

Advanced Jaw and TMJ

Cranial rebalancing techniques

Sinus Work and more….

In particular special attention is placed on honing the “move” itself, focusing on precision in location and application. These “little” details increase your effectiveness in a “less is more” context, whereby applying the move more specifically and with a heightened sense of touch induces a colossal boost in your effectiveness as a therapist.

We CAN show you how to heighten your sense of touch and apply the move with pin-point accuracy and precision.


We will challenge you until you can do ABT with your eyes closed. You will not leave until you can easily do a full body treatment!

The aim is to prove to you that once you have the sequences down pat, and the move “mastered” so that upon completion of Level 3 you can begin treating like Tom Bowen himself did – and that was WITHOUT RECIPE’S. It’s true, despite what you may have been told. Tom Bowen did not have just a few recipe’s – instead he knew exactly when and where to apply the move, and we believe you can too! Some people believe that this was just an innate gift, but by his very words;

“I’ve left behind 15% of this work, and if you apply it dilligently you will discover the other 85% of it!”

You WILL teach you how to apply it dilligently

…and soon you too will be flowing seamlessly throughout treatments watching your effectivness sky rocket with the simplest of applications.

Course List (click on link):

Level 1 – Foundation Course

Level 2 – Advanced Practices

Level 3 – Freelance Bowen



  • "Learning Bowen Therapy is easy!"

  • Advanced Bowen Therapy Level 1 DVD's

    "When you know what you are doing, you can do what you want!" - Famous words of a Somatic Pioneer: Moshe Feldenkrais.

    "Love your latest DVD's...great job!!! They are super easy to review from." - Joanna Wilby, RMT. Vancouver, BC, Canada .

  • "I was looking for a course that was different from the general offerings for physiotherapists. Advanced Bowen Therapy permits easy and thorough treatment of the whole body, or individual segments. - Randy Littman; Physiotherapist, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

  • Advanced Bowen Therapy Level 2 DVD's

    " John and Marina, I had a good look at your DVD's and thought congratulations are in order on the demonstration and explanations during the course of the sequences. Certainly these are the most informative DVD’s I have seen and have incorporated most of your sequences into my therapy sessions." Jan Arie, Massage Therapist. Brisbane, QLD, Australia

  • Advanced Bowen Therapy E-Book

    "These DVD's are great. It's easy access Bowen!! Thanks guys!"

    - Nic Tyrrell, RMT. Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

    "I've been referring to these precious gems; very helpful to see exactly how various moves are done…The responses/results are very interesting: the clients have been surprised to have so much pain relief. Thanks again." - Elsie Meyers, LMT, Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

  • Pain Free Mobility

  • "Pain Free Mobility is a powerful and unique exercise program for anyone who is suffering from pain, or wants to prevent it. The simple and effective exercises presented produce fantastic healing results. While I rarely ever name products in my books, I made an exception for Pain Free Mobility which I’ve recommended in my book, The Ultimate pH Solution. Purchasing this DVD will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your health!"

    - Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, RNMP International best-selling author of The Ultimate pH Solution and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan

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